Old Kashmir Restaurant

Paris is not the best place to eat Indian food, like   it is not the best place to buy Indian clothes, to speak Indian languages, to watch Indian films, in a word, to live an Indian existence. London, of course, because of its colonial history, would be the best place to go; and I’ll go!

But, let’s stay in Paris. Actually, there are quite few Indians in my city and Indian restaurants may be disappointing according to so-called real India lovers. However, if you search a little, you can live nice Indian food moments in Paname.

Today, I ate in a restaurant that a friend of mine took me to a long time ago, when I was a student, and when I did not know that India was part of Asia: Old Kashmir. It is located near Saint Germain des Près, in the Quartier Latin, and this is one of its good points. Its other quality is the good food. Not too fat, not too spicy but tasty, really tasty. The restaurant itself is small but successful. I think you should book for dinner. The decoration is alright: wooden panels on the walls, big chairs, white tableclothes, red paper towels and Bollywood star pictures above the bar.

I chose a 12,50 euro menu: the eggplant and onion pakoras were nice and I empied the little bowl of Mixed Pickle. I love it as much as my mum! It would have been better with a naan but you had to pay for an extra. The Curry chicken was delicious, served with saffron rice. As a dessert, a unique ball of ice-cream…mango, coco-nut, passion fruit…and on top of that, no whipped cream but a smile from the waiter…smile and Paris’s restaurant waiters don’t always flock together, so, let’s enjoy it!

Old Kashmir 13, rue Grégoire de Tours 75006 Paris M°Odéon

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3 thoughts on “Old Kashmir Restaurant

  1. sury1939

    you can try sarvana bhavan(they have branches in USA, India, Dubai etc) rue faubourgdde st denis- pure vegetarian try south indian dosa, vada, idli qite safe

    • What a coincidence! A friend of mine whose husband is Punjabi gave me this address on Saturday! I’ll try it and I’ll tell you what I think of it!

      • sury1939

        J’ai bien aimé votre site sur l’inde. avez vous vsité le sud de l’inde, oui, vous avez bien déviné, je suis de sud(Tmail+kerala mixte). par ailleurs, comme vous etes prof en anglais, je vous invite à lire mon livre Murder in venice voir svp http://sites.google.com/site/parissury/revies-on-my-book; notez que le royalty est entièrement versé à l’hopital en inde. vous pouvez le recommender aux amis et aux étudiants(es) en anglais. vous pouvez m’envoyer vos remarques sur mon roman à sury39@gmail.com; excusez moi d’avoir pris votre temps; Bon masala dosa, et idli à saravanbhavan…

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