Bikaner: the Best Indian Moment in my Life

I will never forget our arrival in Bikaner, a typical town in Rajasthan. It was the end of the day and the bulky red fort welcomed us. But we didn’t have time to take a look at it because an unexpected religious celebration was taking place in the streets! We all (even our guide!) took our cameras and dashed out of the bus: People were dancing and smiling, children had henna drawings on their palms, they wanted us to take photos of them, women were wearing their most colourful garments and shook hands with us! People, ricksaws, camels, bikes, motorbikes and a few cars were coming and going in an atmosphere of joy.
Then, we took a tuk-tuk (ah ah!) to go for a ride in the Old Bikaner. What can I say but « wow »! Our group of little rickshaws was rushing into the narrow crowded streets, avoiding reckless girls and phlegmatic cows. I just had time to take a few pictures when the tuk-tuk stopped in the middle of the trafic but it started again in a jolt, and I shouted and laughed and held my chest while passing on the bumps of the road! . When we arrived at the Jain Temple, the sun was going down and the procession of worshippers had joined us to danse and sing.


Pass the cursor on the photos to read the caption.
Please, if you want to use my photos, don’t forget to give the link towards my blog.

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