Make some Noise for the Desi Boyz!

I am almost on holiday! I mean, the pupils have left school. I still have to invigilate the exams and other boring things for a week.

But, I feel I am on holiday, especially today. I got up at 9.20 am, I hung about the flat in pyjamas, having a loooonng breakfast and surfing on Youtube. And then, I do not remember how I got to this video, but I discovered them: The Desi Boyz…yes, with Z instead of S!

In there, you can find all the ingredients to get the perfect tacky hindi music video; I-got-the-beat-baby-discotheque music, sexy dance routines, half-naked western girls, clingy pants, purple shirts, torn shirts, no shirts at all, swollen muscles, and under the swollen muscles: Akshay Kumar and John Abraham!

And today, ladies and gentlemen, I am publicly asking this question to Akshay Kumar: But WHY???

Of course, I have not seen this film which went out last year, -it is so complicated to see Hindi films in Paris, I will talk to you about it one day- so I cannot express my puzzlement any further; it would be unfair. One cannot judge a Hindi film by its music videos. The story is about two friends who have to become sorts of gigolos to make ends meet in a society in financial crisis. Serious subject, as a matter of fact!

It reminds me of Om Shanti Om, in which Shahrukh Khan wears horrible checked blazers and danses among scantily clad blondes whereas the film also deals with serious subjects like reincarnation and bride-burning.

But let’s return to our two gigolos. According to my friend Wiki, this film was forbidden to children and has been considered by journalist Subhash K Jha on Today’s News of India as « smart, sassy and sexy » Read this article, it is quite interesting.

But by the way, what does « desi » mean? Actually, this word refers to people from Southern Asia. It is from the Hindi word « desh », which means « country ». It is often used by Indian people who live abroad as a kind of leitmotiv to express their mutual origins. The two guys in the film live in London, so, quod erat demonstrandum! Between you and me, have you ever noticed that when Bollywood film protagonists do bad things like having sex without being married or dancing with white women in mini-skirts, it always happens in England, in the country of temptation! In India, all this would not happen, of course!

So, I have nothing more to say. So unplug your brain and have fun!

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One thought on “Make some Noise for the Desi Boyz!

  1. Bonjour, Marilay,

    tes commentaires sur mon blog me font toujours plaisir, surtout quand je les trouve au petit matin …

    Tiens, à propos de “desi”, tape “desi girls” sur Google et choisis Images, tu verras toute une série de pin-up à l’indienne, relativement pudiques.
    Le résultat pour “desi boys” est moins intéressant, c’est dommage !

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