Victoria’s Indian Secret

You often discover uncredible things when you surf the Web! I typed something like « Amazing India » on Google and I found myself in Ireland!

Cause in the Irish county of Wicklow, there’s a park called Victoria’s Way. Nothing surprising, so far! But in this park, there’s also a strange place created by its owner Victor Langheld.

When he was younger, Victor travelled to Asia, especially to India; he was really attracted to spiritual stuff. When he came back home he imagined the Indian Sculpture Park. You get into it through a kind of vagina dentata gate and then you can have a walk in a world of hinduism and enlightment!

Follow me!

Is this the entrance to Nirvana?

This is a lovely collection of 8 Ganesh sculptures. They were made in Tamil Nadu with black granite.

Eight craftmen took one year for each statue!


Let’s have a walk in a field of stupas…

and let’s relax before the Nirvana Man…

Namaste, Lord Shiva!

Links I used to write this post:

Ganesh Pictures         The photo of Shiva       The site of Victoria’s Way

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