In India, I’m a Sex Fantasy; What About You?

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You won’t believe it, but it is stormy in Corsica! The weather is usually so good in summer! So I surfed on the web instead of surfing on the sea. This morning, I stumbled upon a funny article and I wanted to share this incredible piece of news with you! In India, English teachers are men’s sex fantasies!

 The Indian respect for education

Indian Teacher

 I had already noticed that teachers had more of an aura and were a bit more respected in India. When you say you are a teacher to Indian people, they often look at you with admiration!

In France, when you reveal the taboo, some rude people sometimes look at you with a little smile or a little resentment and tell you something like: “It must be great to be on holidays all the time! And you only work 18 hours a week! Plus the strikes and sick leave! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Fortunately, – well, the word “fortunately” is not the right word, maybe – these years, the French media have been disclosing the problems that teachers really have to face in some schools, especially violence and insults from unmanageable pupils, so now, we are still “lazy and privileged” but we are “offended and beaten” so, people are less critical and ask questions like “Isn’t it too difficult? Can you control your students?”

But in India, although my colleagues must encounter many difficulties too, they are still acknowledged this quality that is actually our main quality and which is sometimes forgotten in France: education. In India, a teacher is considered as having a significant role in children’s future. Knowledge is still respected especially in areas where some children can’t go to school.  I’ve read on Wikipedia – Wiki is my middle name! – that many countries in Asia, South America and so on, celebrate Teacher’s Day! Teacher’s Day! I didn’t even know such a day could exist! In my country, we celebrate mothers, fathers, grandmothers and lovers! But teachers! No way! I’m sure it would be almost considered as corruption! Or at least as boot-licking!

In India, not only do people celebrate their teachers but they celebrate them twice a year; Guru Purnima in July (which is more a Hindu and Buddhist celebration) and Teacher’s Day on the 5th of September (the secular celebration) – the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a former President of India and a great scholar.

But in India, ladies and gentlemen, surveys have shown that teachers, and especially English teachers have another quality; sex attraction!!!

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the teachers’ master

English Teacher Fantasy

 According to an article on the English Teacher is Indian men’s Number One Sex Fantasy, even before Nurses!

 “It is the most commonly found pinup poster in a man’s room. Women dressed as teachers holding a stick and ready to spank a petulant boy is the favourite dream act for a man. Be it the adolescent Rishi Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker or the Summer of ’69, men have always fantasised about their gorgeous high school English teachers. “In your teens, if a man gets to meet a hot and experienced woman it’s a major testosterone boost. Moreover English teachers are the ones who are best dressed, and most of the times in saucy Western outfits,” says art designer, 25-year-old Kamlesh.

“It’s in their adolescence that a man experiences attraction towards an elder woman. In between the age group of 12-16 years they face a psychological connection towards their teachers. It’s like the first taste of the secrets tucked away in the adult world,” opines Dr. Samir Parekh, a psychologist. Dr. Singh adds, “This kind of behaviour is very colonial in nature. People in India always think that a person who can speak English properly is superior to them. So if this quality is present in a woman she will obviously become desirable to her beau.”

( “Men prefer English teachers, nurses, for sex” The Times of  India 23rd of July 2012)

    The other winners from the list are:

 2- Nurses

3- Playmates

4- Boss’s wife

5- A virgin

6- A dominating woman

7- A celebrity (A Bollywood or Hollywood actress)

8- Blondes

9- Dancers (belly dancers or pole dancers)

10- An air-hostess

 Are you in the list? If you aren’t, it is time for you to start belly dancing or to bleach your hair!

Antoine Doinel and his boss’s wife

Nurses, airhostesses: international fantasy…

  Of course, if I compare this list to French surveys like this one on, there is no teacher at all! In France, English teachers are far less exotic and don’t have this colonial touch that Doctor Samir Pakesh talks about in The Times of India.

  Despite their cultural differences, Indian and French men have tastes in common: thus, the grandes gagnantes in both countries are nurses (# 1 in France), air hostesses ( #3 in France), which I can understand easily since men love feeling they are safe, served and pampered! But both Indian and French men dream of their bosses’ wives! Their bosses’ wives! What does that mean? Is that a way to take their revenge on their bosses’ authority? I would call that the Antoine Doinel syndrome!

   At last, I wanted to remark a charming difference between the two countries; French men admit their favourite fantasy is their own partner. It is so sweet, isn’t it? The French are so romantic…unless they are great liars!

Bon Voyage!

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