Olympics 2012: The Mysterious Lady in Red

As the Indian team was wearing yellow traditionnal clothes for the Olympic Opening Ceremony, a mysterious woman in red walked along with the Indian athletes for the whole lap. Indian organizers were puzzled and a bit angry as this woman nearly drew all the attention. According to Zeenews.com, she just had to guide the Indian contingent for a short distance but she was not supposed to march next to the flagbearer, World Champion Wrestler Shushil Kumar.

I understand the Indian organizers’ reaction.

This woman was a volunteer; she was wearing blue jeans and a casual red sweater which was eye-catching and had nothing to do with the yellow refined athletes’ garments. She wasn’t part of the team.  She was smiling proudly, she seemed to show off as if she had taken the opportunity to take part in the show and to be  on TV and other media worldwide.

Olympic Games 2012 is an important event for India, an opportunity to prove that Indian sportsmen are improving, especially in Great Britain, a country where they have historical and human  relationships. Maybe they don’t really feel like marching with badly-dressed scroungers!

Why didn’t she follow the Chinese contingent? They were dressed in red. It would have been better-matched!

The Indian Contingent London 2012

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