The Olympic Red Lady: a Storm in a Cup of Chai

Amul (Dairy Products) was inspired by the event…

Dozens of people have landed on my blog by typing « lady in red », « mysterious woman Olympics ceremony » on search engines. I didn’t know this little event would have such an impact on the net. This piece of news about the red-sweater girl marching with the Indian contingent during the Opening Ceremony seems to have been more discussed than the winning of medals by the Indian team.

On NY Daily the whole mystery has been solved, at last!

This young ceremony intruder is actually called Madhura Nagendra and she is a student from Bangalore. She pursues MBA studies in London and had been hired to dance in Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony when she made the unrecoverable error!

When she gatecrashed into the parade, Indian press attaché Harpal Singh Bedi became really angry and talked about a breach in the London Olympics security but Sebastian Coe, the chairman of the London Organizing Committee tried to take the drama out of the situation by saying Madhura was just “slightly over-excited” and that she hadn’t walked in off the street since she was part of the show.

If you want my opinion, maybe I am a little too fashion-oriented, but I can’t help thinking that if our dear Madhura had changed her ugly red sweater for black or yellow clothes, she wouldn’t have broken the visual harmony of the India parade and she wouldn’t have stood out so much. However, I don’t think she deserved so much aggressiveness from people!

Indeed, even if this young girl has become one of the most famous Indian women recently, her fame seems to be turning into a nightmare. Moderate and lenient people didn’t hesitate to write “Shame on you” to their Indian sister. On Facebook, some of her own country fellows hope she will be expelled from her college for not being trust worthy. Others talk about “disgrace” for India and I’ll spare you all the gory details and the insults towards those who dare to defend her!

Actually, what is funny in that so-called disgraceful incident, is the fact that nobody from other countries has been shocked by the presence of this young girl. In any case, as far as the French media are concerned, the journalists’ attention has not been drawn by Madhura but by the slightly excessive reaction of the Indian authorities.

Well, hopefully, I watched the closing Ceremony carefully yesterday night; she wasn’t there! She didn’t sing with the Spice Girls; she didn’t steal Sushil Kumar’s silver medal…

…Indian medals…another burning subject I’ll talk about tomorrow…

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2 thoughts on “The Olympic Red Lady: a Storm in a Cup of Chai

  1. anna

    Hmm..but stilll who is the girl with the flowers marching slightly in front of her?? An athlete?

  2. She’s certainly just “the girl with the flowers”; there must be one in every team, like the girl who’s holding the name of the country on the right; I find the dress she’s wearing quite ugly…

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