Do You Wanna Dance with Salman Khan? Mashallah from Ek Tha Tiger…

Isn’t he sweet?

(Click here for French version)

You have probably noticed that I have had salmaniac tendencies, these days. This guy has got a lorry-driver haircut, he isn’t really good-looking, he isn’t really clever, – or at least, he doesn’t always show he is -, he has been accused of the worst things on earth by gossip papers, he spends three hours a day lifting weights to look like a kind of Rocky Balboa in his fifties but strangely enough, I can’t help finding him funny, fascinating and even attractive.

Although he makes art-house cinema goers puzzled, Salman Khan is a superstar in India and in the Middle-East. He has got many fans despite all the fishy stories he has been involved in and his scandalous love failures with different Misses or actresses. That’s certainly the reason why so many people admire him. He is different from those typical Bollywood actors who are always concerned about showing they are perfect and finally end up top of the polls as the role model of the year, like Shahrukh Khan in The Hindustan Times. When I read Amitabh Bachchan‘s blog, I sometimes wonder: but how can he be so tolerant, so sensitive, so generous, so serious, so well-balanced, in a word, so perfect? This is not human!

Salman Khan is different! His hopeless attempts to look perfect have sounded fake, he has no wife, no children, he doesn’t try to hide his riotous way of living, he has the life that many people dream of. And it feels so good! It is a sweet breath of cathartic air in the stainless Bollywood world.

Even if you don’t like Salman Khan, you will like this song and its arabic style and I know you won’t help following the heroine’s sensual hip movements by rolling your shoulders. Indeed, Katrina Kaif is breathtakingly beautiful in this video and Salmanji has a new pink scarf he can wear with indisputable virility.

So, let’s dance, now!

PS Paris dwellers, this film is shown in le Gaumont Saint Denis. Further information HERE.

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One thought on “Do You Wanna Dance with Salman Khan? Mashallah from Ek Tha Tiger…

  1. The first paragraph is exactly my view too! 🙂

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