Love Goes to the Dogs…

I do!

I warn you, the theme I’m going to deal with is weird; a mixture of Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Everything started from this strange article found on , – I don’t even remember how I found myself on this site, this is the mystery of the web. This disturbing story I’m going to tell you is finally quite understandable once you have the explanation and anyway, when you are interested in India, you get less and less shocked by that kind of events which sometimes happen in the country.

Here you are: in an Indian tribe situated in eastern state Jharkhand, having a twisted tooth is considered as a bad omen. This means that in the future, your wife or husband may die.

Thus, the best way to avoid such a tragedy is to marry something which is worth less than a husband or a wife, something like an animal!

For example, let’s imagine I’m part of this tribe and I have a tooth longer than the other, a bit like a small tusk or whatever! This means that my future husband is doomed to die. As I can’t fight against my destiny, my parents have no other choice than to organise a real wedding, with food, flowers, guests and of course a religious ceremony. But my fiancé won’t be a man but a dog so that my doggie-hubbie will die instead of my real future husband. Cause fortunately, I’ll be allowed to marry a real man despite my first weddog ceremony. It is the same for boys of course but they marry a she-dog.

In this Indian case, (see the video at the bottom, the doggies are so cute!) it is obvious that that is a question of superstition and a way to get rid of the evil eye or a curse or anything bad.

But in other countries, some people get married to their dogs too but their reasons are only love or frienship. And I finally think it is worse!

For example in 2009, in Ghana, a priest married a 30 year-old-woman and her dog because she was disappointed by men and found more qualities in animals. I know that dogs are often far more faithful and obedient than men, but, well, does one need to go so far?

In Australia, the same kind of insane stories has happened; a young man married his she-dog called Honey. The guests at the ceremony found it very moving. Hopefully, the young man specified it was just friendship and that the marriage wouldn’t be consummated. Phew!

When I write a post for my blog, I always try to look for more information to go further in my little investigation. That’s why I saw that human-animal marriage was widely treated by Wikipedia and I find some stories quite disturbing; so you can read the article but, for my part, I think I will stop here because I’m starting to feel a little sick!



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5 thoughts on “Love Goes to the Dogs…

  1. photobach

    Tu as une très belle passion, l’Inde est formidable pays et très photogénique mais malheureusement très cher pour y aller

    • Il faut vraiment que tu essaies d’y aller un jour si tu peux. Ce sera le voyage de ta vie, surtout si tu aimes la photo, tu ne pourras plus t’arrêter! Tout est bon à prendre!

      • photobach

        surtout que l’Inde est un pays ou les gens aime être pris en photo. peut être que j’irais un jour…

  2. Now I didn’t know of this! Strange things happen in this country no doubt! And maybe I say strange only because I have lived in the west before and not out of any sort of disrespect or anything like that.
    Your blog is a nice window for me to learn a few things about my own country 🙂

  3. I think that sort of events happen once in a while but it may not be very common, I hope! It is impossible to know everything about India, it is so, so huge! Sometimes I feel India is like another world with many countries and many peoples.

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