An Indian Recipe with Mango and Mussels…Risky?

Mango and mussel salad…

I found a nice site for those who can read French, who like Indian food and easy recipes: Bollywood Kitchen. It seems great because you don’t always have to get secret Indian ingredients to make the dishes. You can find them in your local supermarket.

I’ve already told you I’m not a good cook, I mean I don’t like cooking, it is not a hobbie to me but a chore. But I found on that blog a salad recipe which looked good and easy to make.  Mussels and Mango salad.  But, was it?

 For ¾ people:

The ingredients…

I bought everything I needed:

 Mussels (I found them already cooked) and I added shrimps (cooked too)

1 mango

1 avocado pear

young onions + shallot (I chose a «common » onion and I didn’t use shallot)



olive oil

1 lime


Cut the mango, the avocado and a little of onion into pieces.

 I have a tip to cut the mango easily. Most of you probably know it but I like it because it is beautiful. You cut half of the mango; the knife must go close to the stone to get as much fruit as possible. You carve a grid into the flesh of the mango and then you turn the mango inside out like a sock or a woolen cap. Isn’t it lovely?

An easy way to cut mangoes…

 So, put the mango, the avocado and the onion into a salad bowl and add the mussels and the shrimps.

 Make the dressing with yoghurt, curcuma, lime, salt and pepper. I didn’t know what curcuma was and I loved the smell. It must be delicious in a sauce for salmon.

 Well, then, you mix everything in the bowl. Don’t forget the mint!

The dressing…


Well! What can I say?

I definitely prefer mango as a dessert.

Mango and onion together taste weird.

The taste of mussels is maybe too strong to be mixed with mango and avocado.

 I think Sanjee, the girl who writes Bollywood Kitchen, had to imagine a recipe with mussels because she had a partnership with the Moules de Bouchot. So, she did her best but unless I really messed this salad up, I think it would be better without the mussels. I didn’t fancy the avocado either. However, the shrimps were good with the mango.

 In conclusion, I have a pain in my stomach but I’m sure Sanjee’s blog is plenty of great recipes, like Butter Chicken which is her best dish, so I’ll try another one next time.

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