Paris Celebrates Lord Ganesh (Part 1)

In the North of Paris, on the last Sunday of summer holidays, Indian people from Paris celebrate Lord Ganesh. Going to the parade is a good way to go to India for the price of a Metro ticket.

As you probably know, it is the first school day tomorrow and I’m a teacher… I don’t have time to tell my charming morning with Ganesh and all his friends, but I’ve left you plenty of pictures and you can read the captions! I wasn’t the only one to take photos! I’ve never seen so many cameras! Some men could kill for a picture!

Coconuts ready to be broken. Each shop-keeper has its heap.


An altar dedicated to Ganesh in front of a shop. Shop keepers give drinks and food to the passers-by.

Street sellers sell flower guarlands. They smell so good! I don’t remember the name of these flowers but they are very popular in Hindu celebrations.

You can put these flowers in your hair!

So many photographers!


So many people! But the Security is there! I would like policemen to be dressed the same way!

Coconuts again!


Coconut breaking! For good luck and wealth!



Bare feet and purple feet…


That’s all for now! Next time, you’ll see photos of the parade itself. It’s not as big as in India but it is quite picturesque too!

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2 thoughts on “Paris Celebrates Lord Ganesh (Part 1)

  1. Photos superbes !
    Je te souhaite une très bonne rentrée.


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