Pictures from Bharati in Paris 19th October 2012

I’ve already talked to you about this Bolly-like musical which has seduced many countries for several years. The article is here.

Today, I’ll show you a few photos from the show and short video extracts. I don’t have a high quality camera, and we were very far from the stage so…let’s say, I did my best!

Bharati’s team

A boat on the Ganges


Bharati in the moon…

Energy and happiness!

On the left, the Bolly star who couldn’t marry Bharati but who found a new fiancée in the end! The taler on the right…

‘like the movement in this photo…

The taler in the middle. Very funny and very good French!

Krishna and Radha

The artists make the audience dance at the end of the show:

An extract showing Mallakhamb. Do you remember this post? Of course, there is no woman dancing in real Mallakhamb events!

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2 thoughts on “Pictures from Bharati in Paris 19th October 2012

  1. Wow – love the clips. The second one seems very acrobatic. Nice.

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