A Sikh Kid and a Bleeding Building!

While going sweating in a gymnasium in the East of Paris, you can discover worth seeing things! That’s why yesterday, I found a bleeding building and a sikh child!

In Bercy Parc, near the Palais Omnisport de Bercy, – a place where people can see tennis championships, Madonna Concerts, surfing contests or sumo wrestling – , I met strange creatures standing on the lawn.

These still silhouettes are bronze sculptures by artist Rachid Khimoune. They were made in 2001 with pieces of streets such as paving stones, pieces of curbs, non-slip plates, manhole covers and so on… These kids have been lined up on the lawn. Each of them has a name and represents a country. The artist raised the matter of children’s rights for the twenty-first century.

Unfortunately, the sculptures are continually subjects to the weather and people’s bad tendency to damage street furniture. However, if they’re made of street stuff, where else could they be?

(Other pictures on this site)


Another thing drew my attention while I was passing on an elevated railway train. A bleeding building! I would have found this idea horrible if the district and the building itself hadn’t been so common! This flashy painting dripping along the façades conveys a bit of joy in all this urban sadness.

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