Odd Indian Exhibition

I’m looking forwards to being on holiday to have more time to write this blog. I’m so busy that when I have a day off, I don’t have the courage to write the least line.

So, just a little odd exhibition of pictures taken from my little private collection of useless photos.

Have fun! And see you soon!

A woman found by chance on a site

A woman found by chance on a site (click)

Photoshop crisps from a Japanese site

Photoshop crisps from a Japanese site

Salman like ugly huge dogs

Salman likes ugly huge dogs

Giant Scaffolder (Agra)

Giant Scaffolder (Agra)

The former French president and the gandhian wheel

The former French president is weaving himself a dhoti!

Wow, Sexy Kumar! ...no, I'm joking!

Wow, Sexy Kumar! …no, I’m joking!

The two-headed woman!( masala.com)

The two-headed woman!
( masala.com)

My new stupid wallpaper!

My new stupid wallpaper!

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3 thoughts on “Odd Indian Exhibition

  1. Je me disais aussi qu’avec la fin du trimestre, tu ne devais pas avoir beaucoup de temp pour l’Inde.
    Bon courage, au pire, tout s’arrête le 21 avec la fin du monde !

    • Oui, on croule sous les réunions + mes activités sportives. J’ai du mal à m’occuper de mon blog; en fait, je pourrais trouver le temps mais je n’arrive pas à me poser pour écrire. Je suppose que c’est pareil pour la plupart des bloggers. Biz

  2. I just wonder… is thne fourth photo taken in navratri times? I am guessing as I can see a huge pandal under construction…

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