Indian Christmas Presents!

This post is not an advert!

Hello! Hello! And Merry Christmas to everybody!

I must admit that Christmas is no longer an opportunity to give incredible presents to each other. One consumes so much all year that Christmas presents are not so big now. It is just a moment when I meet my family, decorate the house, have a good meal and a good laugh. However, I couldn’t help making Indian presents this year. My friends and family were not able to run away with it!

I swooped on a Diwali Shop rue de Rennes. There are about 8 shops like this in Paris. They sell exotic jewels and scarves. I don’t know if they really come from India but they are supposed to! It is not so expensive. The jewels are uncommon, the pashminas colourful and good quality. I especially like their little slippers and their bangles.


Treasure from Diwali Paris

People who like reading can’t escape a trip to India thanks to Marilay! I bought two books I really enjoyed for my auntie: Serious Men and The Life of Pi.

"Le Défi Indien" is for me!

“Le Défi Indien” is for me!

This year, I tried not to forget the New Year cards. Let’s see if I’m courageous enough to write them and send them!



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