Meeting Animals in India

Everybody knows that humans and animals live close to each other in India, and sometimes they even share the same places, the same houses and the same feelings.

One likes animals because animals look like us and at the same time, they don’t judge us and have the innocence of young children. I met some of them during my only but wonderful trip to India.

All the pictures were taken by myself. Click on them to see them bigger.

1- In this photo, the animal is on the left. A beautiful and peaceful zebu walking in the streets of Nawalgarh. The creature next to him is not a strange colourful bird but an old lady who was very “successful” during our trip in India. I think Indian people still remember her. No wonder Westerners have the reputation for being indecent  when old ladies dress like punks to go to Asia!

White zebu and garish woman

White zebu and garish woman

2- This man looks perpexed, as well as the monkey at his feet. What are they pondering on? What are they looking at? I was there but I don’t remember anything wrong…

Agra's Red Fort (2011)

Agra’s Red Fort (2011)

3- I was on the air-conditioned bus when I saw this man who wanted to show us his monkey against money. It was just before entering Uttar Pradesh, in the traffic jams. The monkey was lucky as some of us had bananas. But as you can see, the owner was not as satisfied as the poor animal.

Monkey Tamer near Uttar Pradesh

Monkey Tamer near Uttar Pradesh

4- In Pushkar, monkeys go free on the ghats of the sacred lake. They don’t mind pujas or holy bathing. They are attracted to the rose petals which float on the water. Brahmanes try so chase them by casting stones at them but they keep on coming back. (Do you remember my article about Pushkar?)

Monkeys on the ghats of Pushkar

Monkeys on the ghats of Pushkar

5- Less dangerous, goats are real pets in some towns and villages. I find them so cute. They look as if they were smiling! They often live with the families in the houses. Look!

Goat in Old Bikaner

Goat in Old Bikaner

6- Now, let’s go to Jaisalmer where a cow is used as a watchdog?

Cow in Jaisalmer

Cow in Jaisalmer

7- Now, this is a real dog who hangs around the Mughal emperors ‘ palaces in Agra. It seems to be David Bowie’s dog, look at his eyes!

Double colour-eyed dog in Agra's Red Fort

Double colour-eyed dog in Agra’s Red Fort

8- And in Mandawa, if you look up, you can see owls! If you look down, you can see donkeys!

Owls in Mandawa Copyrights Marilay    Donkey in Mandawa

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5 thoughts on “Meeting Animals in India

  1. It is really nice to see your love for India,,, thanx

  2. Oh! It’s so cute; thank you so much…for the homework!;-) but I like answering questionnaires like Proust’s questionnaires.

  3. When I was working in Chennai, I once saw a tourist taking pictures of three cows using a camera on a tripod. I was bewildered but now I understand. I will be equally amused if I see a tiger sitting in the middle of a road. 🙂

  4. “Sacred” cows and the Taj Mahal are the most famous Indian tourist attractions! Can you imagine if there were cows in the streets of Paris, people would take pictures with their phones and call the fire brigade, there would be articles in the newspapers and so on! And don’t forget the monkeys and the parrots! In Europe, monkeys are in zoos and parrots in cages at the petshop as very exotic birds!

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