Funny little Gujarati things…

When you stay for a few weeks in Gujarat, you can see such funny little things:


Monkey sending a text…

ET’s House! (Baroda)


Monsoon Bike…


Don’t spit in shopping malls! (Ahmedabad)


The bin is speaking… (Baroda)


Hrithik Roshan makes you write…


Resting dog… (Ahmedabad)




Dusty bike!


Modi wall painting (Ahmedabad)


A lady giving birth on the wall of a temple… (Patna)

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Which Indian actor will you drink after this colourful recipe?

You need:

… a few glasses of Rainbow shot,


half a bottle of Puff Daddy…

shaker-puff daddy


..a pinch of Harry Potter…



and a laaaarge spurt of Care Bear!







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Always the same old recipe to have a delicious Bolly-cocktail:  a famous character, an animal, a film and a hobby!

Today, our photo cocktail is a bit strong! It’s a Khan of Bear!

Into a blender:

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson


a bear...

a bear…




Cymbal playing!

Cymbal playing!

You shake, shake, shake…


…and you get:

A Khan of Bear!



*Salman’s picture was taken from the film Veer, no, he doesn’t go out dressed that way!

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Let’s have fun and let’s make Indian photo-cocktails!

To have a delicious Indian Photo-Cocktail, pour a famous character, an animal, a film and a hobby into a blender! Shake! And that’s it! See the picture from the mixture!

Today: King in Slippers!

Louis 14

Louis 14


Hamlet by Lawrence Olivier


shaker bachchan_louis_vuitton_darjeeling_limited

The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson




You shake!


And you get:

King in Slippers!

King in Slippers!

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Odd Indian Exhibition

I’m looking forwards to being on holiday to have more time to write this blog. I’m so busy that when I have a day off, I don’t have the courage to write the least line.

So, just a little odd exhibition of pictures taken from my little private collection of useless photos.

Have fun! And see you soon!

A woman found by chance on a site

A woman found by chance on a site (click)

Photoshop crisps from a Japanese site

Photoshop crisps from a Japanese site

Salman like ugly huge dogs

Salman likes ugly huge dogs

Giant Scaffolder (Agra)

Giant Scaffolder (Agra)

The former French president and the gandhian wheel

The former French president is weaving himself a dhoti!

Wow, Sexy Kumar!, I'm joking!

Wow, Sexy Kumar! …no, I’m joking!

The two-headed woman!(

The two-headed woman!

My new stupid wallpaper!

My new stupid wallpaper!

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Pictures from Bharati in Paris 19th October 2012

I’ve already talked to you about this Bolly-like musical which has seduced many countries for several years. The article is here.

Today, I’ll show you a few photos from the show and short video extracts. I don’t have a high quality camera, and we were very far from the stage so…let’s say, I did my best!

Bharati’s team

A boat on the Ganges


Bharati in the moon…

Energy and happiness!

On the left, the Bolly star who couldn’t marry Bharati but who found a new fiancée in the end! The taler on the right…

‘like the movement in this photo…

The taler in the middle. Very funny and very good French!

Krishna and Radha

The artists make the audience dance at the end of the show:

An extract showing Mallakhamb. Do you remember this post? Of course, there is no woman dancing in real Mallakhamb events!

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Why Bollywood Dancing Has Changed my Life…

I still remember that evening when I was about 11. I dreamed of dancing and I spent hours dancing alone in my room, but my dad was crazy about tennis, -it was the Tennis Golden Age with McEnroe, Lendl, Borg and so on – and all children played tennis and parents wanted their kids to become little champions. However, on that day, I had found a club in town where I could get modern dance lessons and I was ready to talk about it to my parents. Unfortunately, when I came back home, I found an over-excited Daddy who was extremely happy because he had managed to find a place for me in one of the best tennis teams in Corsica. He was so enthusiastic that my idea of dancing seemed ridiculous. So I played tennis until I was 15, until I carried out my little teenage rebellion and then tried drama, the guitar, the piano and finally did nothing but writing sad poems and listening to The Cure. At the age of 18, I took my final sport exams by swimming a few lengths and capering about on a smelly gym carpet.

It was my last connection with sport until recently.

 In the early 2012, twenty years later, I was the kind of women who proudly stated: « I hate sport! » and didn’t understand how people could spend hours running after a ball or after time. When I started Bollywood Dancing in a Paris organization run by Alexa, I realised that sweating and having aching muscles could be great pleasure!


Let me explain:

What is Bollywood dancing?

That is always difficult to explain a type of music or a type of dance as it is often made of other types of music or dances. I would say that Bolly Dancing is made of traditional Indian dances – classical such as Kathak, Bharata Natyam or folk like Bhangra – mixed with Western influences. In short, you put Britney Spears and Malabika Mitra into a shaker and you get…Madhuri Dixit! But I think the easiest way to know what Bollywood dance is, is to watch a Bollywood film because it is the cradle of Bolly dance…by the way, you usually dance on songs taken from Hindi films.

                                        +         =    

Why did I decide to practise Bollywood dancing?

1- I like India, just in case you didn’t know it yet, and this organization is related to India and its culture. You can follow Hindi classes, do Yoga, Kathak dancing, Bolly Aerobic or even travel.

2- I needed to do sports. From the age of 30 onwards, it is difficut to remain fit and slim without fasting for weeks and finally lose 500 grammes before you put on 3 kilos as soon as you pass by a pastry shop.

3- I needed to mix sports and culture to be able not to give up after two weeks. I am the brainy kind of person so you can’t make me lift weights or run on a treadmill without any artistic prospects.

4- I needed to do extra activities; leaving my job, seeing people who are not teachers nor pupils, having a HOBBY! Yes, a HOBBY! THE word you must pronounce to shine in society! So now, when someone asks me « What are your hobbies? » I’ll have something to answer…at least something else than: « Hum, well, I read, I watch TV…I…I do shopping… »

What have I discovered in Bollywood dancing?

 1- I discovered that dancing was natural. The gestures and movements you make seem to be gestures and movements you have already made in your life. That’s why, it is sometimes easier when you don’t think too much. That’s the rule. If you think too much, you don’t make it!

2- I discovered that Bolly dancing made me sweat like an old cow! It is sports in disguise! Especially when you dance on today’s Bollywood songs whose beat is really fast! Actually, you think you’re just having fun but you’re not aware you are repeating some movements again and again and you end up waking up in the morning with aches in parts of your body you didn’t even think you had!

3- I discovered that I could be sexy! You make movements that most of women wouldn’t even dare to show their husbands for a Saint Valentine’s night or a Wedding Anniversary! Cause hips are useful to the Bolly danceuse as the pen to the teacher or Elle Magazine to a restroom attendant!

4- I discovered that smiling without a good reason was difficult, – especially for me!- because that’s the way it is in Bolly dancing! Smiiiiile! Our teacher Vashvi repeats it all the time! So you must keep on smiling, although you’re sweaty and dishevelled and although you’re struggling to remember the next steps in front of a mirror which makes you fatter that you thought!

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Shake it Shake it on Anarkali Disco Challi!

I’v got plenty of things to show you and tell you. I just need time to publish them and everything will be fine! I intend to create a new category. The Hindi category! If you want to know all me secrets, you’ll have to be able to read devanagary! Like that: मुझे हिंदी बहुत पसंद है ! You see?

And you know what? I’m becoming a dancer! No, I’m joking but I go to Bollywood Dance lessons in Paris with a cute Gujarati teacher called Vashvi. I would like to show you the first part of the choreography. It’s rather sexy and full of energy. But I’m not allowed to show you the video because they are recorded for the dancers to practise and not to be exhibitted on the Internet!

Some of you may think I’m a bit obsessed with Bolly-stuff but you know, -I’m going to tell you a terrible secret! – when I was…not 8, not 13, but 25 years old, I loved the Spice Girls! I had bought their little machine to suck Chupa Chups lollipops! I’m not joking! I’m telling you that because I love that kind of shallow, pop songs with dancers shaking their बट! It’s so lively and carefree!

Listen to the song we’re dancing on! Ok, I admit it is not high refinement but doesn’t it make you feel like moving you body?

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