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Shoebite: Bachchan’s Unseen Masterpiece

Shoe_BiteHave you seen Shoebite, by Shoojit Sircar?

I haven’t.

Nobody has.

The plot is simple: On The Times of India, I found this very short summary! “Shoebite” traces the life of John Pereira, a man in his early 60s who sets out on a journey of self-discovery and penance that leads him to rediscover his love for his wife in the fag end of their marriage.”

I must admit that these only few words as well as the presence of Amitabh-ji in that film were enough to made me thrill with excitement! A road-movie for love! Life is a route scattered with bumps, holes, bends and obstacles. Shoebite…lovebite…  I was already dreaming of Great Bachchan walking on the difficult path of existentialism! Indian landscapes… Lonely adventures…

 But it would be too good to be true!

The film was shot in 2008 and has never released!

The reason?

This is due to a sad story of rights. Once the film was made, UTV Motion Pictures – the Indian production company – realized that the film couldn’t go out because the 20th Century Fox had opposed:

“Fox says the rights are with them, and they wish to make the film with Denzel Washington, but much before that we had already completed the film on the assurance that the rights were cleared.”

(Amitabh Bachchan explains in his blog/ quoted on )


Night Shyamalan

 Actually, the original script, untitled Labor of Love, was written by director Manoj Night Shyamalan in 1993 and sold to the Fox in 2001! Can you imagine? Mister Shyamalan! The Sixth-sense-guy, the UFO of Hollywood, this accursed genius whose movies always twist smartly between the blockbuster masterpiece and the art-house film failure – or  between the blockbuster failure and the art-house masterpiece… !

 Unfortunately, at that time, Fox didn’t want the young American director to achieve this project. Thus, 13 years later, the situation is more or less stuck, an Indian film has been shot with an Indian superstar, Sircar and UTV will be allowed to release Shoebite only once the Hollywood movie is out!

 Despair and anger:

 You can easily imagine Shoojit Sircar’s despair and anger!

“Our film is like our child and I feel even production house should treat them the same way. For me, ‘Shoebite’ not getting release is like a miscarriage. I had cried a lot and I was very upset about it,” he said on The Times of


Sircar and Bachchan on the shooting of Shoebite

And you can imagine my own despair!

Because, you see, I’m part of these women who swoon as soon as they see the brushy chest of the Angry Young Man or the pepper-and-salt beard of Big B.! I was so overwhelmed by Black,- the real masterpiece of Sanjay Leela Bhansali in which Mr Bachchan plays the role of a man suffering from Alzheimer disease– that I felt extremely frustrated when I realized I would not see Shoebite before I become the heroine of a Karan Johar film!

Film Black with Rani Mukherjee

Film Black with Rani Mukherjee

 A glimmer of hope:

 Currently, a glimmer of hope seems to be rising in the sky of the Indian cinema. Rumours say that Shyamalan would be working on his script… but I am a little doubtful…

“(…) a spokesperson from the Hollywood studio says, “We don’t have the film on our official slate this year but if Shyamalan is working on it, it would be great!”  ( I’m sorry but that’s the kind of statement which means everything and nothing!

 In the meanwhile you can go and read more information about Shyamalan’s story where many details are given. (eg. Scriptshadow) In the American version, the main character is called Maurice and he walks through the USA of course, to show how much he loves his wife, whereas she actually died in a car crash.

  So now, what we can only do is to keep on hoping and say: Show Must go On!

What about watching Shyamalan’s After Earth starring Will Smith?

Sircar’s Madras Café is going out on the 23rd of August. It seems to be a marvel! I find John Abraham better and better!


A. Bachchan in Shoebite

A. Bachchan in Shoebite

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Always the same old recipe to have a delicious Bolly-cocktail:  a famous character, an animal, a film and a hobby!

Today, our photo cocktail is a bit strong! It’s a Khan of Bear!

Into a blender:

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson


a bear...

a bear…




Cymbal playing!

Cymbal playing!

You shake, shake, shake…


…and you get:

A Khan of Bear!



*Salman’s picture was taken from the film Veer, no, he doesn’t go out dressed that way!

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Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar 2013: Bollywood Stars say “Paneer!”

Pour Ratnani, Big B s'habille comme un sac!
It’s in the bag for Big B!

A few days ago, I published a strange picture on my blog. You remember how we laughed at Big B wearing Louis 14’s slippers and a skiing-puffa jacket!

I’ve just discovered where this picture is from!

It was actually taken from a calendar, a bit like Pirelli calendar, but in India, and less sexy of course! Photographer Dabboo Ratnani invited la crème de la crème from Bollywood to strike the pose for 2013, – I note that refined Aamir Khan didn’t take part to this “no-smile-shooting fiesta”. I must admit I hate that kind of calendars. I can’t imagine waking up every morning and finding myself face to face with Hrithik Roshan‘s abdominals stuck on the door of my fridge!


Once more, it is a little sad to see that these superstars still can’t get rid of the gender clichés : guys pose on a motorbike, wearing sunglasses, open shirts or showing such impressive muscles that even Poppeye would choke on his spinach! As for the girls, that’s not better! They are often half naked and their eyes seem to say “Take me now” to the camera! Basically, I have nothing against cigars and half-naked women, but it is so common!

 Well, I like a couple of photos all the same:

De toute façon, j'ai toujours un faible pour Akshay Kumar
Anyway, I’ve always had a little crush on Akshay Kumar
Kajol, (que je n'ai pas reconnue, comme d'hab mais qui a un joli sourire, une jolie robe et une jolie camionnette!
As usual, I didn’t recognize Kajol! But she has a lovely smile…and an ugly dress! But she looks like Cinderella: “I’m coming back from a bal on a dirty pumpkin.” I like it!
Un petit air de Nicola Sirkis d'Indochine...
Shahrukh, the new fragrance by Christian Dior…

But what I really prefer is the back cover of the calendar showing plenty of little photos of Ratnani, his models, and his family, I guess…


I pinched the pictures from the following sites.   Bollywood Life   Buzzintown

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Ticket to Bollywood in Paris: The photos!

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (57)

Ticket to Bollywood has been on tour since 2010. This Bollywood dance show was created by Shubhra Bhardwaj, choreographer and founder of FerrisWheel Entertainment in India. When she started her project, she aimed at foreign audiences, and the performance has been adapted to them. Besides, the name of the show itself sounds like an invitation to travel to the country of Hindi films.

Since then, the dance company has visited many countries: Canada, the USA, Japan, China Germany, Russia and so on!

Of course, you can’t help thinking of Bharati, but contrary to this huge industry, Ticket to Bollywood shows fewer dancers, -about fifteen – and there is no storytelling. However, the dancers have the same energy and the same talent. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. The steps are typical of Bollywood dancing and the songs chosen have been taken from recent Bollywood blockbusters such as: Devdas, Om Shanti Om, Singham, Desi Boyz or Bodyguard.

Take a look at the picture I took yesterday.

See there for more information in French and there for more photos if you are my friend on Facebook.

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (108)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (141)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (63)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (133)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (92)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (26)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (33)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (113)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (16)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (28)Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (102)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (94)

Ticket to Bollywood 110113 (131)

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Let’s have fun and let’s make Indian photo-cocktails!

To have a delicious Indian Photo-Cocktail, pour a famous character, an animal, a film and a hobby into a blender! Shake! And that’s it! See the picture from the mixture!

Today: King in Slippers!

Louis 14

Louis 14


Hamlet by Lawrence Olivier


shaker bachchan_louis_vuitton_darjeeling_limited

The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson




You shake!


And you get:

King in Slippers!

King in Slippers!

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Hindi Night in Paris: Cinema and Restaurant

Article only available in French.

Turban legend...

Turban legend…

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Zee Tv: Discover the Surprising World of Indian TV!


French version here.

I’ve subscribed to Zee TV and Zee Cinema Channels for only, well, not so only, 15.99 euros. For that price, thanks to my Freebox, I can watch the worst best Indian soap operas in which mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law and aunts have cat fights and make nasty faces to each other. I can also have collective yoga courses given by hairy gurus in orange shorts and I can endlessly watch Bollywood movies that most of us have forgotten.



For instance, yesterday morning, I was surprised at seeing charming Aamir Khan playing the electric guitar before a pagal audience, dressed in a skin-tight black undershirt and wearing a green rapper-like cap. Believe me or not but I hardly recognized him! ( Akele Hum Akele Tum, 1995 )

Akele Hum Akele Tum, 1995

Akele Hum Akele Tum, 1995

Later, I was wallowing on my sofa after a hard working day, watching in an in-between doze a trembling school teacher being metodically beaten up by a bunch of naughty गुंडे , when suddenly, Amitabh Bachchan in his forties and in his marvellous grey flared trousers appeared as a miracle to save the poor man. (Khoon Pasina, 1977)

 I’ll spare you the details about the funny strip-tease performed by red-underweared Sohail Khan in Heroes as well as the stunning black turban worn by his famous brother in the same film.

Sohail Khan (on the right) in Heroes

Sohail Khan ( right) in Heroes

Now, I can pride myself on knowing everything about food-brand Taj, White Pearl Basmati rice and I can sing the insurance company’s slogan « don’t delay, claim today » by heart! However, the commercials which regularly interrupt the films are not so bad since movies usually last nearly three hours and one really needs pee breaks, coffee breaks or chocolate cookie breaks between two clingy-jean-superheroes’ fights.

 All the same, you quickly become hooked to this kitsch atmosphere, to the choreographies which are always spotless whatever the quality of the film is, you’re hooked to Amitabh’s hoarse grunting, to the punch battles and their inimitable sound effects, to the Hitchcock-violins during the moments of suspense

 And, what? Isn’t there any better way to study Hindi than watching Hindi films?  ज़िंदगी, इंतेज़ार, कभी कभी, मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ , मेरा नाम विजय है, मेरा दिल तेरे लिए , oh! मेरा भाई , oh! मेरे बापू , oh! मामा , oh! चाचा , oh! मेरी बेटी, and so on, and so forth!

 But above all, Zee Cinema allows you to discover some « pearls », some real good movies, the beautiful Hindi films in which there are no simpering girls, no He-men rolling on the ground without ever spoiling their blow-dry! It often happens at around 9 pm.

 And sometimes, there are magical moments; these moments when Salman Khan starts to cry and becomes really moving, moments when Karishma Kapoor finally plucks her eyebrows and stops playing the innocent little virgin, moments when Abhishek tells Aishwaria that he feels like a bee caught inside a lotus flower…

 That’s the way it is on Zee TV!

यह कौन है?

यह कौन है?

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My Heart slipped on your Smooth Waist… WHAT???

It depends on the way you interpet this sentence; it can be poetic or disgusting…

Anyway, I am lucky, we are working on this song. The choreography is energetic and sexy. Every Wednesday, I can’t wait to be in my dancing class to know the other steps! I let you see the extract from the movie, Rowdy Rathore (bad critic on that blog…) starring delicious actress Sonakshi Sinha and moustached Akshay Kumar.



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