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Life Of Pi, the Movie is Coming with Plenty of Indian Actors in It!

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I’m very lazy today. I’m still in my pyjamas, I’m hanging around the flat with a cup of coffee in my hand, I surf on Youtube, I check my mails again and again but there are only spams for fashion web sites. I really have to kick in my own behind (it is not too difficult but you are ridiculous when you do that), get dressed and try to do something more useful than counting the number of visitors on my blog since yesterday.

But before that, I want to give you two reasons for being happy, which is not so useless after all. At least, these two things make me happy and I hope they will do the same to you.

Too sexy for my shirt…

The first happy thing is this song called Chikni Chameli from the film Agneepath starring Mary Ingalls’ s twin brother Hrithik Roshan. Go there and listen. In a few seconds, you will feel like dancing. Indian songs are the best to make you dance!

The second happy thing is this trailer I’ve come across on Youtube, of course, Youtube is my second home.(You can see the trailer at the end of the post.) I knew that Ang LeeHulk, Brokeback Mountain – was preparing the film adaptation of incredible novel Life of Pi. I knew this director was the best one to make such a film and to respect the poetry and the story of the book. Night Shyamalan, the American director who is a native of Tamil Nadu, had been offered the adaptation before but he hesitated too much and prefered to shoot Lady in the Water instead, which I think was a mistake as this film is rather disappointing.

Book Life of Pi

The novel Life of Pi was written by Canadian Yann Martel. It is the adventure of Pi Patel, an Indian boy from Pondicherry who leaves India and takes a cargo ship with his family. On board, there are also all the animals from his parents’ zoo which are supposed to be taken to North America. Of course, like in any story taking place on a ship, there is a storm and a shipwreck. The young boy finds himself all alone, drifting on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. Actually, he is not all alone; he soon realises that he has a companion in misfortune: a huge Bengal tiger!

Some of you who haven’t read the book yet, probably think it is imposssible to hold the reader in suspense with such a simple plot. I can tell you this book will change your life! The Little Prince meets Robinson Crusoe on the same lifeboat. It is a sweet ans salty mixture of philosophy, adventure and poetry. No wonder Life of Pi is a bestseller worldwide!

As far as the movie is concerned, there is little information about it but this little information as well as the trailer herald the best.

First, contrary to what I feared, they didn’t get rid of the Indian culture which is depicted in very small touches in the novel; thus, the first part of the book which takes place in Pondicherry and, in my opinion, which is a little boring, will certainly be an opportunity for Ang Lee to show India in her spiritual and visual magnificence.

Moreover, when you read the Canadian writer’s novel, you may consider that the story could have happened anywhere; India doesn’t seem to be such an important element in the plot so, it would have been easy for the American producers to ask for a common caucasian-typed actor in order to stick to a sad artistic globalisation and to enable the highest amount of spectators to identify with Pi. But we are lucky this time: no Robert Pattinson, no famous dandy from Gossip Girls series. Phew! Ang Lee has chosen a young Indian student called Suraj Sharma. Suraj had never acted before, he is 18 years old, he is from Delhi and his moving eyes and innocent smile seduced Ang Lee and his team.(More information about Suraj Sharma in The Times of India )

As far as I’m concerned, I’m very happy to discover a new actor; especially an Indian actor. I like directors who show me new faces, I don’t like when an actor is chosen for his previous success and not because he is the character.


The rest of the cast is really satisfying too! Talented Indian actors have been chosen: Irrfan Khan, is a man who has always been clever enough to make a career in Bollywood ( Mumbai Meri Jaan, Billu Barber ) but also in other cinema families (Salaam Bombay, The Darjeeling Limited, Slumdog millionnaire). Adil Hussain seems to be the same versatile kind of artist, acting in bollybuster Agent Vinod one day, and being an acting teacher in Delhi the day after. Even a great French actor has taken part in this movie (Allons enfants de la patriiii-i-ie…), Gérard Depardieu, who is a demigod as an actor, but a real swine as a human being, if you really want my opinion…

However, a slight point scares me: it is a 3D film. I am a bit prejudiced against 3D movies. I am afraid too many special effects will spoil the film and make me feel sick. In addition,I have bad memory from my first and only experience in watching a 3D film. Do you remember Creature from the Black Lagoon, a 50s classic and one of the first 3D films ever shot? This film was going to be shown on TV in 1982 and my mum had made blue and red spectacles for me and I couldn’t see anything at all, I was very frustrated!

Well, after reading my post, or after watching this trailer, I hope you will feel like seeing Life of Pi which is going out in December 2012. But above all, I’ll ask you to read the book first because after seeing the film, it will be too late, Ang Lee’s pictures may haunt your mind while you read the novel. Always read the novel first! It is my rule! To let your imagination be your only camera!

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Bollywood Quiz: Yes, you Khan!

Are you a Bollywood specialist? Answer these 20 questions about actors called Khan by writing the answers a, b or c on a piece of paper. 

I have been struggling to find a site to make my own quiz but that was too complex or impossible to publish on my blog. After all, it is just for fun!

You can find the results just after the photo showing the three Khans.

1- Who is the youngest one among these Khan actors?

a- Shahrukh Khan

b- Aamir Khan

c- Irrfan Khan

2- What is Shahrukh Khan’s nickname?

a- King Khan

b- Kind Khan

c- King Kong

3- Who has never acted in a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

a- Salman Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan

c- Aamir Khan

4- It is the slogan of a famous American president:

a- Do it if you can!

b- Yes, we can!

c- It’s in the can!

5- What is the right hindi spelling for « Khan »?

a- खान

b- खन

c- कान

6- Choose the right sentence:

a- My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist.

b- My name is Khan and I’m not an actor.

c- My name is Khan and I’m not there.

7- Who is not a daddy’s boy?

a- Salman Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan

c- Aamir Khan

8- He is Kareena Kapoor’s fiancé but one day, he will leave her for Marilay. Who is he?

a- Zayed Khan

b- Aamir Khan

c- Saif Ali Khan

9- What can you read on Salman Khan’s tee shirt?

a- « Being human »

b- « Be a man »

c- I don’t know, he is always stripped to the waist!

10- He has not acted in Devdas:

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Salman Khan

c- Sakib Khan

11- Who is always freshly shaven?

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Fardeen Khan

c- Irrfan Khan

12- It is the name of a famous diet:

a- Dukan

b- Makkhan

c- Duncan

13- She is the French wife of the duck:

a- La canne

b- La cane

c- La poule

14- What is the name of the tiger in the Jungle Book?

a- Sher Khan

b- Chair Khan

c- Tiger Khan

15- Who founded the Khan Academy?

a- Salman Khan

b- Fardeen Khan

c- Sharukh Khan

16- Which Khan actors can you find in the film New-York Masala (= Kal ho naa ho)?

a- Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan

c- Shahrukh Khan and Zayed Khan

17- He was a bank manager and a patron.

a- Dominique Strauss Kahn

b- Albert Kahn

b- Sarba Khan

18- Who was Genghis Khan?

a- The man who founded the Moghol Empire.

b- The man who founded the Mongol Empire

c- The man who founded Bollywood

19- Who presents the TV show called Satyamev Jayate?

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Amitabh Bachchan

c- Aamir Khan

20- He was involved in a sex scandal in a New York hotel. Who is he?

a- Aamir Khan

b- Salman Khan

c- Dominique Strauss Kahn

Check your points: You win 1 point for each good answer!

1/c  2/a  3/c  4/b  5/a  6/a  7/b  8/c  9/a or c  10/b

11/c  12/a or c  13/b  14/a  15/a  16/b  17/b  18/b  19/c  20/c

Look what you have won!  If your number of points is:

20: Bravo! You are a real bollywood fan! You have won a whole night with Shahrukh Khan doing, well, whatever you want! Don’t forget to take photos and send an article to A Message To India!

17-19: Good job! Yes, you Khan! You have won a weight-lifting session in a gym with Salman Khan. Houlala! Sweating with Salman on torture machines! You’re so lucky! Don’t forget your sneakers!

14-16: Not bad! You have won a pile of bootlegged Bollywood DVDs subtitled in Turkish! Very useful to prepare your next holiday!

10-13: That is alright but, really, the questions were easy, and so stupid too! You have won your weight in Mango Chutney! Bon appétit!

Under 10: Houuu! You have won nothing! Down to work!

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