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Post-it from Bollywood: Dead Hours…

Rhhaaa! The angry young man is not dead!

1) This is an amazing piece of news for all these people who type “Amitabh Bachchan dead” on their search engines and arrive on my blog. So, I can tell you this: AMITABH BACHCHAN IS NOT DEAD! He writes  on his blog, on twitter, everyday everywhere! Maybe his posts are sometimes a little deadly boring but no, Big B. is safe and sound!

2) Shahrukh Khan is not dead either but he smokes too much and drinks too much coffee. But his tweets are fun!

21 sept: Made coffee for myself…added salt instead of sugar. Tasted like soup from Hell! A lesser man would get off coffee for ever…but I’m     

22 sept: Little mercies of life…cab friend allows me to smoke…aaah to be a movie star. Will I get arrested? Oups!

3) Salman and Katrina are cute in this advert for Amul!


4) And finally: Goodnight! The old man from Jodhpur is sleeping! (I think everybody who has visited the Fort of Jodhpur has taken a picture of him!)


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Relaxing: Trees in the Desert and Letterbox in Jodhpur

I’ve just arrived in Corsica, the best place to have a rest and to leave the noisy and tiring city! It is a French “région”. An island to the South-East of France; like a mountain in the sea. One of the most beautiful places in the world. I’m not joking!

But today, nothing to do with Corsica! Let’s go back to Rajasthan!

Two relaxing photographs!

The first one must have been taken in Bikaner area but I couldn’t bet; I don’t remember! Look at the fragile fluffy twisted trees, the mysterious foggy background and the railway which one can hardly guess.

I took the second photo at the entrance of Jodhpur Fort. I like this photo: the red letterbox, the little tree and the blue sky in the background.

I find them both relaxing; full of peace and silence.

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