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Rickshaw Test

Part II

Are you ready? Have you got a piece of paper and a pen? Good!

Now, look at the pictures and answer the questions. You have ten minutes!

(click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger)

1) Which picture represents a palanquin?  

a)       b) b     c) 

2) Where was this picture below  probably taken?          

    a) Calcutta?    b) Bombay?    c) Delhi?


3) Which autorickshaw is from Delhi?

4) Which autorickshaw is from Thailand?

5) Which autorickshaw is from France?

6) Which autorickshaw is from Pakistan?

7) Which autorickshaw is from Mumbai?

a)     b)   c)    d)

 e)    f) 

8) What is this…thing below?       a) An autorickshaw?    b) A zebra?      c) A carnival cart?

9) Where is this autorickshaw from?   a) India?    b) Thailand?    c) Toys’r’us?

10) Where does the scene take place?   a) India?    b) Indonesia?   c) the USA?

Now, watch this little video (funny but serious too!) while I’m correcting the copies and check the correction under the screen:


Question 1:   a) and b)     a) is a camel palanquin in Jodhpur.

Question 2:  a) Just because Kolkata is famous for its pulled-rickshaws.

Question 3:   a) Green and yellow. It could have been in Agra too. b) is inpossible because Lahore Gate is in Delhi but it is not an autorickshaw but a cycle-rickshaw.

Question 4:     e) Thai writing and the two little typical fences on each side of the rickshaw.

Question 5:    c)  France. The Eiffel Tower in the background.

Question 6:   f)  Pakistan. Urdu writing.

Question 7:    d) Mumbai. Black and yellow.

Question 8:    a) …I think! It could be a UFO too!  It was pimped for the Rickshaw Challenge.

Question 9:    b)  Thaïland. Can’t you see the little white fences to prevent the passengers from falling?

Question 10:  b) Indonesia.  Barack Obama is a statue and the people look more Indonesian than Indian.

Wallah! Oups! I mean: Voilà!

PS As I didn’t want you to get the answers to this important exam, I did not attach the links corresponding to the pictures. This is the list of the sites on which I found some of the photos. If I have forgotten your site, send me a message!  Rickshaw in Kolkata  Delhisjungle  Sulekha  Fifth junction  Obamasstatue

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