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Rickshaw Test

Part II

Are you ready? Have you got a piece of paper and a pen? Good!

Now, look at the pictures and answer the questions. You have ten minutes!

(click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger)

1) Which picture represents a palanquin?  

a)       b) b     c) 

2) Where was this picture below  probably taken?          

    a) Calcutta?    b) Bombay?    c) Delhi?


3) Which autorickshaw is from Delhi?

4) Which autorickshaw is from Thailand?

5) Which autorickshaw is from France?

6) Which autorickshaw is from Pakistan?

7) Which autorickshaw is from Mumbai?

a)     b)   c)    d)

 e)    f) 

8) What is this…thing below?       a) An autorickshaw?    b) A zebra?      c) A carnival cart?

9) Where is this autorickshaw from?   a) India?    b) Thailand?    c) Toys’r’us?

10) Where does the scene take place?   a) India?    b) Indonesia?   c) the USA?

Now, watch this little video (funny but serious too!) while I’m correcting the copies and check the correction under the screen:


Question 1:   a) and b)     a) is a camel palanquin in Jodhpur.

Question 2:  a) Just because Kolkata is famous for its pulled-rickshaws.

Question 3:   a) Green and yellow. It could have been in Agra too. b) is inpossible because Lahore Gate is in Delhi but it is not an autorickshaw but a cycle-rickshaw.

Question 4:     e) Thai writing and the two little typical fences on each side of the rickshaw.

Question 5:    c)  France. The Eiffel Tower in the background.

Question 6:   f)  Pakistan. Urdu writing.

Question 7:    d) Mumbai. Black and yellow.

Question 8:    a) …I think! It could be a UFO too!  It was pimped for the Rickshaw Challenge.

Question 9:    b)  Thaïland. Can’t you see the little white fences to prevent the passengers from falling?

Question 10:  b) Indonesia.  Barack Obama is a statue and the people look more Indonesian than Indian.

Wallah! Oups! I mean: Voilà!

PS As I didn’t want you to get the answers to this important exam, I did not attach the links corresponding to the pictures. This is the list of the sites on which I found some of the photos. If I have forgotten your site, send me a message!  Rickshaw in Kolkata  Delhisjungle  Sulekha  Fifth junction  Obamasstatue

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Bollywood Quiz: Yes, you Khan!

Are you a Bollywood specialist? Answer these 20 questions about actors called Khan by writing the answers a, b or c on a piece of paper. 

I have been struggling to find a site to make my own quiz but that was too complex or impossible to publish on my blog. After all, it is just for fun!

You can find the results just after the photo showing the three Khans.

1- Who is the youngest one among these Khan actors?

a- Shahrukh Khan

b- Aamir Khan

c- Irrfan Khan

2- What is Shahrukh Khan’s nickname?

a- King Khan

b- Kind Khan

c- King Kong

3- Who has never acted in a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

a- Salman Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan

c- Aamir Khan

4- It is the slogan of a famous American president:

a- Do it if you can!

b- Yes, we can!

c- It’s in the can!

5- What is the right hindi spelling for « Khan »?

a- खान

b- खन

c- कान

6- Choose the right sentence:

a- My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist.

b- My name is Khan and I’m not an actor.

c- My name is Khan and I’m not there.

7- Who is not a daddy’s boy?

a- Salman Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan

c- Aamir Khan

8- He is Kareena Kapoor’s fiancé but one day, he will leave her for Marilay. Who is he?

a- Zayed Khan

b- Aamir Khan

c- Saif Ali Khan

9- What can you read on Salman Khan’s tee shirt?

a- « Being human »

b- « Be a man »

c- I don’t know, he is always stripped to the waist!

10- He has not acted in Devdas:

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Salman Khan

c- Sakib Khan

11- Who is always freshly shaven?

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Fardeen Khan

c- Irrfan Khan

12- It is the name of a famous diet:

a- Dukan

b- Makkhan

c- Duncan

13- She is the French wife of the duck:

a- La canne

b- La cane

c- La poule

14- What is the name of the tiger in the Jungle Book?

a- Sher Khan

b- Chair Khan

c- Tiger Khan

15- Who founded the Khan Academy?

a- Salman Khan

b- Fardeen Khan

c- Sharukh Khan

16- Which Khan actors can you find in the film New-York Masala (= Kal ho naa ho)?

a- Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan

c- Shahrukh Khan and Zayed Khan

17- He was a bank manager and a patron.

a- Dominique Strauss Kahn

b- Albert Kahn

b- Sarba Khan

18- Who was Genghis Khan?

a- The man who founded the Moghol Empire.

b- The man who founded the Mongol Empire

c- The man who founded Bollywood

19- Who presents the TV show called Satyamev Jayate?

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Amitabh Bachchan

c- Aamir Khan

20- He was involved in a sex scandal in a New York hotel. Who is he?

a- Aamir Khan

b- Salman Khan

c- Dominique Strauss Kahn

Check your points: You win 1 point for each good answer!

1/c  2/a  3/c  4/b  5/a  6/a  7/b  8/c  9/a or c  10/b

11/c  12/a or c  13/b  14/a  15/a  16/b  17/b  18/b  19/c  20/c

Look what you have won!  If your number of points is:

20: Bravo! You are a real bollywood fan! You have won a whole night with Shahrukh Khan doing, well, whatever you want! Don’t forget to take photos and send an article to A Message To India!

17-19: Good job! Yes, you Khan! You have won a weight-lifting session in a gym with Salman Khan. Houlala! Sweating with Salman on torture machines! You’re so lucky! Don’t forget your sneakers!

14-16: Not bad! You have won a pile of bootlegged Bollywood DVDs subtitled in Turkish! Very useful to prepare your next holiday!

10-13: That is alright but, really, the questions were easy, and so stupid too! You have won your weight in Mango Chutney! Bon appétit!

Under 10: Houuu! You have won nothing! Down to work!

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