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Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar 2013: Bollywood Stars say “Paneer!”

Pour Ratnani, Big B s'habille comme un sac!
It’s in the bag for Big B!

A few days ago, I published a strange picture on my blog. You remember how we laughed at Big B wearing Louis 14’s slippers and a skiing-puffa jacket!

I’ve just discovered where this picture is from!

It was actually taken from a calendar, a bit like Pirelli calendar, but in India, and less sexy of course! Photographer Dabboo Ratnani invited la crème de la crème from Bollywood to strike the pose for 2013, – I note that refined Aamir Khan didn’t take part to this “no-smile-shooting fiesta”. I must admit I hate that kind of calendars. I can’t imagine waking up every morning and finding myself face to face with Hrithik Roshan‘s abdominals stuck on the door of my fridge!


Once more, it is a little sad to see that these superstars still can’t get rid of the gender clichés : guys pose on a motorbike, wearing sunglasses, open shirts or showing such impressive muscles that even Poppeye would choke on his spinach! As for the girls, that’s not better! They are often half naked and their eyes seem to say “Take me now” to the camera! Basically, I have nothing against cigars and half-naked women, but it is so common!

 Well, I like a couple of photos all the same:

De toute façon, j'ai toujours un faible pour Akshay Kumar
Anyway, I’ve always had a little crush on Akshay Kumar
Kajol, (que je n'ai pas reconnue, comme d'hab mais qui a un joli sourire, une jolie robe et une jolie camionnette!
As usual, I didn’t recognize Kajol! But she has a lovely smile…and an ugly dress! But she looks like Cinderella: “I’m coming back from a bal on a dirty pumpkin.” I like it!
Un petit air de Nicola Sirkis d'Indochine...
Shahrukh, the new fragrance by Christian Dior…

But what I really prefer is the back cover of the calendar showing plenty of little photos of Ratnani, his models, and his family, I guess…


I pinched the pictures from the following sites.   Bollywood Life   Buzzintown

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Hindi Night in Paris: Cinema and Restaurant

Article only available in French.

Turban legend...

Turban legend…

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Post-it from Bollywood: Dead Hours…

Rhhaaa! The angry young man is not dead!

1) This is an amazing piece of news for all these people who type “Amitabh Bachchan dead” on their search engines and arrive on my blog. So, I can tell you this: AMITABH BACHCHAN IS NOT DEAD! He writes  on his blog, on twitter, everyday everywhere! Maybe his posts are sometimes a little deadly boring but no, Big B. is safe and sound!

2) Shahrukh Khan is not dead either but he smokes too much and drinks too much coffee. But his tweets are fun!

21 sept: Made coffee for myself…added salt instead of sugar. Tasted like soup from Hell! A lesser man would get off coffee for ever…but I’m     

22 sept: Little mercies of life…cab friend allows me to smoke…aaah to be a movie star. Will I get arrested? Oups!

3) Salman and Katrina are cute in this advert for Amul!


4) And finally: Goodnight! The old man from Jodhpur is sleeping! (I think everybody who has visited the Fort of Jodhpur has taken a picture of him!)


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Aamir Khan on cover of Time Magazine

Never expect to look good on a Time cover…

Many Indians have already been on the cover of Time Magazine, this well-known American weekly that most of us have bought to try to improve our English and to be more cultured but who have never managed to read the least article to the end because it was too difficult and too economically oriented.

Mahatma Gandhi is the champion, of course, since he has appeared three times but only before the date of his death.


Being named Gandhi (Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi) would have seemed to be the condition sine qua non to have your portrait on the cover of this magazine if Sachin Tendulkar and his gold cricket-bat hadn’t had this honour too. I find this picture really beautiful, which is unuasual for the Time!

Very few Bollywood actors have had this tremendous honour which means that you have some kind of power or influence in the international society. Only three. Who? Raj Kapoor? Nooooooo! Amitabh Bachchan? You’re freezing!  Shahrukh Khan?  Ah ah ah! Stop pulling my leg! It’s ticklish*!

No, the winners are:

In 2003, Aishwarya Rai (Between you and me, I don’t really know what she has done to be on this cover. Apart from acting in marvellous Devdas and in this stupid remake of Pride and Prejudice… I must have missed an episode…or I suppose she has been the best representative of this new generation of artists who managed to cross the Indian borders to make their mark worldwide. )

In 1976, Parveen Babi was also on the cover… everybody knows who Parveen Babi was, of course! So, if you already know her, I don’t need to tell you that she was a famous Bollywwood actress and  a model in the 70s and 80s and that according to Wikipedia, she had a little canari in her head as she accused Amitabh Bachchan of trying to kill her. She finally died alone at home, in 2005.


And in 2012, the third Bollywood star on the Time cover is Aamiiiir Khaaaan! (I know, there was no suspens, the picture is above and it is the title of my post!) He is not a starlet from Bollywood, he hasn’t slept with Danny Denzongpa and has never had the role of Elizabeth Bennet in the film adaptation of a Jane Austen’s novel. No, he is the hoster of Satyamev Jayate I have already written about here. I like the headline: Khan’s Quest which summarizes what I think of Aamir Khan, a man who just tries to go forwards, a man who wants to add a new piece to the jigsaw puzzle of the Indian society but who doesn’t seem to despair even if his piece is tiny.

The patient warrior…

Your intention please! I’ve just discovered that Shahrukh Khan had already featured on a Time-cover BUT… it was just for a 2004 Special Issue called Asia’s Heroes. Better than nothing…

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Shahrukh Khan and the Curious Incident of the Flag

(French Version)

I’ve just read an incredible piece of news on, and this piece of news has been taken up again and again by other blogs.

Shahrukh Khan, the Great Shahrukh, King Khan, the Star with a capital S like Shahrukh, has been booked for insulting the Indian flag.

Is anything wrong?

Look at the photo on the left: Shahrukh is very excited because India has just won the Cricket World Cup 2011. In a sense of euphoria, the actor gets up out of the car, he unfolds an Indian flag and starts to wave it before an enthousiastic crowd!

But look at it carefully! It is like a spot the difference game: in exaltation, SK hasn’t realised he is holding the flag the wrong way. It is upside down; saffron coulour must be at the top and green at the bottom. Damn!

Social worker Ravindra Brahme, -I don’t dare to publish such a joly face on my blog, so, I invite you to go there- saw red when he noticed this exceedingly-really-very shocking video on the Internet! Bingo! On the 14th of August, the day before Independence Day, Mr Brahme rushed to lodge a complaint against SK for disrespect of the Indian flag.

Can you imagine? 60 years ago, Shahrukh Khan’s father was forbidden to go to Pakistan after the Partition because he had supported Gandhi’s ally Badshash Khan during his struggle for Independence, (Dixit Wikipedia). The actor himself has been doing his best for twenty years to promote India and Indian cinema ( and himself, of course, this man is quite career-oriented); he has acted in films such as Swades, The Indian Family or Chak De! India… He is internationally considered as the best son-in-law by every woman and has been elected Indian role model in a national newspaper; he has tacitly been an example of religiously-mixed marriage by marrying a Hindu woman, he raises his children in a kind of ecumenical respect, and now, he is bothered with a stupid story of upside-down flag!

But by the way, maybe you didn’t know that Ravindra Brahme had already lodged a complaint of the same kind against

Brigitte Bardot (1967)

model Gehna Vashist who had used Tricolour as a pareo. This reminds me of this old photo showing actress Brigitte Bardot wrapped in the French flag.

I can understand that a naked woman in a flag could shock some people – Indian citizens’ sensitivity and patriotism is well-known-, in addition, Gehna Vashist’s photos were rather vulgar and provocative. But, I’m still doubtful about the necessity of beating her up, if I may!

 To return to Shahrukh Khan’s case, does a guy who waves a flag the wrong way during an after-match fiesta really deserve to be prosecuted?

Brave Ravindra’s indisputable argument is this one: SK is a role model and an iconic figure for the youth in the country and he should act with responsiblility.

Oh, please, Ravindra, give me a break! That is exactly in your country where some young people have serious problems, that you, oh wise and friendly social worker, should act instead of going searching through the web to check if actor Thingy ate with his right hand or if model What-her-name took off her shoes before going home! Bad boy! Bad Ravindra! Trying to become famous by using celebrities’ little mistakes is very very very naughty!

As far as Sharukh Khan is concerned, it is not the first time he has been the victim of that sort of trouble! I even should say he has been accumulating the complaints, and some journalists don’t hesitate to overdo it, especially since the news about his cinema projects is currently slowing down. After being accused of smoking in public during a cricket match plus this infamous altercation with the security staff at the Mumbai Stadium because SK wanted to meet his team, the Kolkata Knight Riders, do you really want to know what I would say to our dear King Khan if I met him right now? QUIT CRICKET!

Eh! You moron with you whistle ! Don’t you know who I am?

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Bollywood Quiz: Yes, you Khan!

Are you a Bollywood specialist? Answer these 20 questions about actors called Khan by writing the answers a, b or c on a piece of paper. 

I have been struggling to find a site to make my own quiz but that was too complex or impossible to publish on my blog. After all, it is just for fun!

You can find the results just after the photo showing the three Khans.

1- Who is the youngest one among these Khan actors?

a- Shahrukh Khan

b- Aamir Khan

c- Irrfan Khan

2- What is Shahrukh Khan’s nickname?

a- King Khan

b- Kind Khan

c- King Kong

3- Who has never acted in a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

a- Salman Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan

c- Aamir Khan

4- It is the slogan of a famous American president:

a- Do it if you can!

b- Yes, we can!

c- It’s in the can!

5- What is the right hindi spelling for « Khan »?

a- खान

b- खन

c- कान

6- Choose the right sentence:

a- My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist.

b- My name is Khan and I’m not an actor.

c- My name is Khan and I’m not there.

7- Who is not a daddy’s boy?

a- Salman Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan

c- Aamir Khan

8- He is Kareena Kapoor’s fiancé but one day, he will leave her for Marilay. Who is he?

a- Zayed Khan

b- Aamir Khan

c- Saif Ali Khan

9- What can you read on Salman Khan’s tee shirt?

a- « Being human »

b- « Be a man »

c- I don’t know, he is always stripped to the waist!

10- He has not acted in Devdas:

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Salman Khan

c- Sakib Khan

11- Who is always freshly shaven?

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Fardeen Khan

c- Irrfan Khan

12- It is the name of a famous diet:

a- Dukan

b- Makkhan

c- Duncan

13- She is the French wife of the duck:

a- La canne

b- La cane

c- La poule

14- What is the name of the tiger in the Jungle Book?

a- Sher Khan

b- Chair Khan

c- Tiger Khan

15- Who founded the Khan Academy?

a- Salman Khan

b- Fardeen Khan

c- Sharukh Khan

16- Which Khan actors can you find in the film New-York Masala (= Kal ho naa ho)?

a- Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan

b- Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan

c- Shahrukh Khan and Zayed Khan

17- He was a bank manager and a patron.

a- Dominique Strauss Kahn

b- Albert Kahn

b- Sarba Khan

18- Who was Genghis Khan?

a- The man who founded the Moghol Empire.

b- The man who founded the Mongol Empire

c- The man who founded Bollywood

19- Who presents the TV show called Satyamev Jayate?

a- Sharukh Khan

b- Amitabh Bachchan

c- Aamir Khan

20- He was involved in a sex scandal in a New York hotel. Who is he?

a- Aamir Khan

b- Salman Khan

c- Dominique Strauss Kahn

Check your points: You win 1 point for each good answer!

1/c  2/a  3/c  4/b  5/a  6/a  7/b  8/c  9/a or c  10/b

11/c  12/a or c  13/b  14/a  15/a  16/b  17/b  18/b  19/c  20/c

Look what you have won!  If your number of points is:

20: Bravo! You are a real bollywood fan! You have won a whole night with Shahrukh Khan doing, well, whatever you want! Don’t forget to take photos and send an article to A Message To India!

17-19: Good job! Yes, you Khan! You have won a weight-lifting session in a gym with Salman Khan. Houlala! Sweating with Salman on torture machines! You’re so lucky! Don’t forget your sneakers!

14-16: Not bad! You have won a pile of bootlegged Bollywood DVDs subtitled in Turkish! Very useful to prepare your next holiday!

10-13: That is alright but, really, the questions were easy, and so stupid too! You have won your weight in Mango Chutney! Bon appétit!

Under 10: Houuu! You have won nothing! Down to work!

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Shahrukh, Sachin, Gandhi…and me!

   I have just come back from a trip to London with my fifteen-year-old students. I India-love London because it is the kind of town where you can meet Sikhs driving expensive cars near Covent Garden, women in saris visiting the V&A museum, young Asian businessmen reading Hindi newspapers in the tube or elderly Hindus climbing step by step up to the top of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

I may be silly, but I envy Londoners because part of their culture is Indian, part of their food is spicy and part of their people have an accent from over there.

This Indian presence is obvious when you visit places like Madame Tussaud’s Museum. Everybody knows this outstanding museum where wax models are displayed.

I was surprised to see that visitors were allowed to take pictures next to their favourite celebrities and even to touch them. It was fun! There, I saw different great « people » like the Royal Family, Margaret Thatcher, Nicolas Sarkozy (we had to hurry to take a picture, he will be replaced very soon, I guess!), Brad Pitt and Angelina Joly, Nelson Mandela or even Adolf Hitler!

But I also met…

Mohandas Gandhi

Shahrukh Khan

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